Wound Care, Wound Healing and Home Remedies for Wound

Published: 09th September 2010
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Wounds are common problem that may occur to anyone at any time. The major symptoms of wounds are bleeding due to cut or opening in the skin, pain, and presence of exposed tissue. The best home remedy for wounds is to prevent them from getting infected as once they are infected, not only do they harm more, they may delay the healing process.

Causes of Wound

Common causes of puncture wounds are wood splinters, pins, nails, and glass. Puncture wounds may also be caused by objects such as scissors and knives. Almost any sharp object can potentially cause a puncture wound.

Symptoms of Wound

1. Gnawing pain in the puncture wound area
2. Difficulty to move due to increasing pain. As the infection worsen, the more painful the infected puncture wound gets.
3. Spreading area of redness from the wound moving outward. This generally means that the infection is spreading quickly.
4. Swelling around the infected puncture wound
5. Warm and tender wound surface. Could feel pain with the slightest pressure.
6. Discharges
7. Increasing wound area

Home Remedies for Wound


Onions have many health benefits, including the promotion of healthy blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar levels. When eaten regularly, their natural antibiotic properties can help build the immune system and protect the body from infections due to colds and other illnesses. Those antibiotic properties also work on infected wounds.

Apply crushed or minced onions to the wound and leave it for up to one hour. Rinse thoroughly and repeat three times a day as necessary. The onion will draw the infection out of the wound and it won't irritate the skin.


Honey tastes good and it's good for you too. It's been used as a treatment for infections for thousands of years, but in today's antibiotic society, honey's healing properties have been nearly forgotten. Those who practice herbal and home remedies swear that honey works better than any medicinal antibiotic. According to the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine, honey has been proven to fight off staph infection.

Put a dab of honey on the infected wound, cover it with gauze, and let it do its thing. The honey will emit low levels of hydrogen peroxide along with other natural antibiotic properties and clear up the infection.


Forget the bad breath. Garlic has many of the same healing properties as onions. It's not only antibiotic, it's also antifungal and antiviral. It promotes bronchial health and helps regulate the immune system.

Like onion, garlic can be placed directly on the infected wound. However, the raw juices in garlic are harsh and may irritate the skin. Instead, mix one part garlic juice with three parts water. Apply the solution to the wound and cover with gauze.

Diet for Wound

Have a balanced meal that provides the body with all nutrients. A proper nutrient-rich diet hastens the healing up process of the skin.

Avoid smoking, consuming alcohol and certain drugs (check with your doctor regarding this).

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